what we do

Thinking is the hardest work many people ever have to do.

While psychologists will tell you that thinking during the creative process relies on intuition and hunches, something different than reason – we believe that creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there. Uncovering the facts about your marketplace requires hard work, but it’s the work that has to be done before we think about creative strategies that are effective.

The fact is you’ve got to understand your target audience and you’ve got to create advertising that makes a meaningful promise to them. Creativity is what presents that promise in an attractive and attention getting fashion. It requires knowledge of consumer psychology and the technical capabilities of the media. The successful blending of facts and creativity creates consumer motivation – and that simply means more customers will visit your website and or stop into your business.

Amplify Communication’s creative portfolio will show you how we blend psychology, technology and creativity into advertisements. These advertisements account for the success of our agency, and we’re proud of them. But, more importantly, we wouldn’t be successful if our creativity didn’t work. Our clients will be happy to tell you it does. We’re even more proud of that!

Following a company’s SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, Strategic Marketing is implemented to identify a company’s core objectives– always mindful of its purpose for existence. Clear direction for efforts is documented in a marketing plan that is regularly updated along with an open-mind for reevaluation. We will:

  • Identify key markets
  • Prioritize target prospects
  • Develops sales, marketing and communications plans
  • Establish timelines
  • Determine budgets needed to grow your brand into an unstoppable force for years to come

Whether you’re launching a new product, or revitalizing an outdated corporate image, your brand is vital to your success. More than just a logo or website, it’s an emotional connection – a singular idea – that you own. Pontiac owners don’t drive “cars”; they drive “Excitement”. Brand Marketing is what makes Pontiac more than just a car.

We provide comprehensive branding services, from naming and branding to rebranding and repositioning.

We will help you develop an effect budget plan that offers a more sensible approach to marketing and advertising. It will enable you to create a name and trust for the business over the long-term, while selling it’s message and services in the short term. This concept makes particular sense in the context of the philosophy of Amplify’s marketing system when discussing the Four Steps of Communication:

  1. Awareness
  2. Understanding
  3. Trust
  4. Action
We can help you develop a sound public relations strategy and successful promotional tools. Strategic outreach to local and statewide radio/TV as well as web-driven/traditional media for coverage of what your business is accomplishing. Creating editorial “news pegs” for the press – literally crafting and packaging the story for the media (just plug and play) we feel is vital for generating traction from media outlets which are constantly being challenged by limited resources.

We will develop a media plan that cuts to the heart of your goals—then faithfully propel that plan, relentlessly tracking results. We’ll negotiate the best placements and rates. We’ll zero in on who, how, where and how much and never take our eyes off your ROI.

Media Planning illustration

We can reach and amplify your message to your target demographic at the right time in the right place wherever they may be online.

  • News Networks – Display your digital ad on thousands of quality local and regional newspapers, magazines and broadcast sites.
  • Site Retargeting – Reach consumers after they visit your website, serving them with your digital ads as they visit other quality sites.
  • Topic Targeting – Deliver your digital ad among relevant content web sites that relate to selected topics.
  • Contextual Targeting – Place your digital display ad onto pages with content that matches supplied key words reaching people as they are viewing specific content.
  • Search Retargeting – Reach your audience based on their previous search history on major search engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Geo Fencing – Send your message to smart phone users who enter a defined geographic area.
We understand the importance of understanding your audience – knowing the topics and writing style they appreciate the most. We are particularly effective at striking that balance between marketing your products/services and educating/entertaining/motivating your audience via the written word.

  • Advertisements
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Press Releases
  • Scripts
  • Slogans
  • Websites
  • White Papers
We bring your story to life using well-crafted Video and Motion Graphics. We love making beautiful pictures, but we know that messaging is king. By balancing good copywriting, stunning cinematography, and motion-graphic design, we tell brand stories for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to local startups. Whether we’re working on a large scale video production with many moving parts, or simply a one-on-one interview, you’ll receive the same high level of service and commitment.
We provide our clients with crisp copywriting, flexible voice over talent and skilled audio production services. Our audio production services include creating and producing radio and television commercials, podcasts, phone messages and corporate communications of all kinds.
Creative and effective graphic design adds inherent value to your product, service or business, from first impression to lasting opinion. A brand is an experience, and the design acts to establish context, principle, tone and personality. We provide professional graphic designs that make every brand stand out because of it’s uniqueness and fresh appeal. Whatever the job may be, our graphic designs will have the tone, character, and essence of your brand.

  • Corporate Identity
    • Logo Design
    • Business Cards
    • Stationary Application
  • Brochures
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Promotional Materials
  • Website Graphics
A company’s website – whether it’s viewed by a potential customer on a computer screen or a mobile web device – is crucial. It’s that lasting first impression that is so important for your company’s image and effectiveness at properly communicating “what you do” for your clients. We offer modern, mobile friendly web solutions to ensure an easy and usable platform to market your company’s products/services.
Our comprehensive, high quality program skillfully integrates social media as a critical tool in your company’s marketing outreach – repurposing your content into condensed vibrant communication. The objective is to amplify your message by bringing enhanced brand awareness of your company’s products/services incorporating a multi-platform social media approach – specifically Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Analytics
  • Online Engagement
  • Reputation Management
  • Online Events
At Amplify, one of our specialties is producing large format graphics. We consider ourselves experts of visual communication, and we provide exceptional service, quick turnaround and remarkable image quality.

  • Banners
  • Ceiling Danglers
  • Counter Graphics
  • Exhibit Graphics
  • Floor Graphics
  • Menu Signs
  • Point of Sale Signage
  • Pump Talkers
  • Retractable Banners
  • Shelf Talkers
  • Shelf Wobblers
  • Table Covers
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Wall Graphics
  • Window Signs
  • Yard Signs