Amplify Communications, Inc. is a full-service advertising & creative firm comprised of individuals rich in marketing expertise and award-winning talent. What differentiates us from other agencies is our commitment to do more for our clients. From the initial marketing plan to its final execution and everything in between, Amplify Communications offers a complete range of services, skills, knowledge and experience using creative advertising, social media, public relations, graphic design, web and mobile web development – establishing client brand equity.

In today’s complex marketing arena, our agency approaches every challenge from the total perspective of marketing, advertising, promotion, media buying and public relations. We unite these functions in unique and varied ways with the proper amounts of planning, creativity and service. We are a true “business partner”.

Working together, we will bring experienced talent to bear on your marketing situation. We believe that by forming a team of marketing experts, you will receive the greatest possible benefits and results.

Strong client-agency relationships are based on mutual confidence and respect — for each other’s professional ability and for each other’s standards of doing business. On these two foundations, our agency best builds effective service by maintaining a balance between deep involvement in the client’s activities and complete objectivity in advice and counsel. Great advertising happens because the client and agency decide to make it happen. And great clients get great advertising.